Nebraska Cattlemen and Merck Animal Health are partnering for the Cartridges for Cash program. Please read the instructions below to discover how to participate in the program.

  1. Save your empty Revalor and Ralgro implant cartridges after implanting cattle. Please store them in a receptacle and clearly write your name, operation, and Nebraska Cattlemen affiliate. Please write the approximate number of cartridges you are turning in.
  2. You can remit your cartridges in the following ways:
    1. Turn cartridges in to your Merck representative.
    2. Turn cartridges in at Nebraska Cattlemen affiliate meetings or other Nebraska Cattlemen events. The meeting invite will designate if cartridges will be collected by Nebraska Cattlemen staff or leadership. The Nebraska Cattlemen Vice Chairs of Member Services will communicate with affiliates about collecting cartridges.
    3. Bring cartridges to Nebraska Cattlemen Annual Convention in December!
    4. Nebraska Cattlemen may designate additional pickup locations, please lookout for further information.
    5. Merck Animal Health will donate $0.25 per cartridge up to a maximum donation of $10,000 annually to the Nebraska Cattlemen Foundation for scholarships and Nebraska Cattlemen’s Young Cattlemen’s Connections program. The more cartridges turned in, the larger the donation!
    6. Merck Animal Health will reward the operations who have contributed the highest number of cartridges.  
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